Gardening Tips – Using Flower Power in your Garden

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Flower Beds

See the difference when you add Zerodour Flower Power to your flower beds along with your fertilizer or manure; bedding plants, perennials and annuals will all benefit from the improved water retention, improved structure of the soil and the slow, controlled release of nutrients.

Vegetable Gardens

Increase your crop yields by mixing Zerodour Flower Power into the soil of your vegetable garden and make sure to mix well below root level to encourage healthy growth.


Keep your grass greener for longer; aerate your existing lawn and spread Zerodour Flower Power along with your fertilizer to keep moisture and nutrients locked in until they’re needed  and promote the healthy growth of a new lawn by mixing through the root zone before laying new turf.


Adding Zerodour Flower Power to the bottom of the planting hole for bulbs will help stop the bulb from rotting by becoming too wet.header-sipam fp 2

Planting Trees and Shrubs

Adding spread Zerodour Flower Power at the bottom of the planting hole and mixing with the infill soil will permanently increase nutrient retention and the water holding capacity of the soil.


Zerodour Flower Power can help with the compost heap as well by retaining moisture and nutrients within the compost. Zeolites also have the added benefit of being a natural deodoriser to keep unwanted smells from your garden.


Adding Zeolites to your garden this year will improve soil structure, aid water retention and store, then release slowly, those all-important nutrients that your plants need to thrive.  Zerodour Flower Power comes in handy 25g packages and can be purchased in boxes of 15 packages. The product is 100% natural and biodegradable so it’s kind to your plants and kind to the environment too.


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